Pro-am at Pebble Beach

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Scott Rushing
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Pro-am at Pebble Beach

So watching the Pro Am at Pebble Beach last weekend was fun.  Seeing some of the stars play, and play worse than we do was nice :)

Heard Raj from the Big Bang theory series was there and shanked one into a patron in the gallery.  I think he settled down a few holes latter.   I heard him say the first day he came out with the wrong attitude, trying to be a professional golfer.  Which he's not.  I guess he shot like he was going to shoot and so the next couple days he went out and had fun...just played and had fun.  Said it was much better.

Was sad to see Phil miss that putt but also happy Vonn Taylor pull it out... Taylor has struggled to find a tour to play on over the last couple year.  But still managed to make a decent living apparently.  I read the $1.3 M he made off this win was more than he made in teh last 3 years that suggests he was still bringing in $300-$400K a year.  




Good for Vaugh

I was hoping to see Phil make that putt on 18 to force a play off too. But  was also happy for Vaugh Taylor I think they said it was 11 years since his last win, so he sure could use the WIN and the Money.


Putting is easy if you have the Right Putter.