The Senior Open Championship

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The Senior Open Championship

WE have been holidaying for the past couple of weeks and as a result we missed the Open Championship.  Such is the case when you're on the west coast and everything is done and dusted before breakfast time!  That said, I did manage to catch the final round of the Sr. British Open at Royal Porthcawl in Wales this past weekend.  

What a test!  It was cold and windy with horizontal rain at times!  I saw more creativity on display in a single round then you would see in an entire season on the PGA Tour!  The game is quite a bit different when you take away the advantage of the 300+ yard drive and the resultant bomb and gouge mentality!  Far more entertaining for the true fan of golf I would say and appropriately enough only two players were under par; the winner, Bernhard Langer and the runner up, Corey Pavin.  They didn't even have to trick the course out to get that result.  

Scott Rushing
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I think the Ladies had the

I think the Ladies had the best overall weather for an Open.  Man you just jhave to be prepared for any and all conditions...cold...wind...sun...rain...maybe good to practice my 0 degree Putter off the tee on some holes... LOL!!!

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