Shot clock in golf?

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Scott Rushing
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Shot clock in golf?

According to an article I saw on ESPN, a Euro tour event this year will introduce a shot clock, with 1-stroke penalties for failing to hit a shot within the alotted time.


Every player will be timed on every shot in Austria. The other big difference from GolfSixes is that the event will use the Tour’s official timing policy. Each player in the 120-man field will have 50 seconds for the first player in a group, with 40 seconds for subsequent players. A one-shot penalty will be handed out to players going over the time limit, and a red card will appear beside their name on the leaderboard.

The Tour is hoping to cut three-ball timings down to four hours, and two balls down to three hours and 15 minutes.


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I like it

I think the players will get accustomed to the timing after a couple of holes and they won't feel "rushed". I could definitely play with that format, I often don't even take a practice swing, just a bit of waggle, before a shot. I probably can hit 15 seconds after addressing the ball. But I don't have all that money on the line!

It's not's how many

Does this mean they will have

Does this mean they will have 120 people timeing all the players ? That'a a lot of people working each round. I guess time will tell if this idea works or not. 


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