Speeding up golf...

Did you see this golf club review?

We were talking on th ecourse the other day about how we were missing many putts just lipping out.  And it dawned on me, for the beginning golfer, there's an opportunity to speed up play by having a larger cup installed in the green, say in a completely different area - perhaps a FLAT area - while the standard player cup is cut somewhere else.   I think this might be an interesting idea to try.  For the higher handicaps, you have an easier putt with a larger cup so more putts are holed out.


Rob, over at Gofl.com, tried something he called THE BIG CUP which essentially was this idea and found : (http://www.golf.com/tour-and-news/my-shot-how-boost-participation-and-ma...)      "We had only one three-putt in our entire foursome last fall when I tested the Big Cup with a couple of assistant pros for 18 holes. What a refreshing change. For me, the Big Cup is worth two or three strokes a side, so my score drops from 82 to 76 and let me tell you, that's all the difference in the world emotionally. The fun is back".

Courses already offer multiple tees for varying skills, maybe offering colored pins is the next step.  White tees put to the white cup/flag.  Shorter tees have a larger cup to putt too. 

Anything that speeds up golf and makes it more fun for newer players, I'm in favor of trying..


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Good idea Scott, I would suggest the hole didn't need a flag, the beginners just play to the centre of the green then find out where it is. I don't want my golf day to be quick but I hate hanging around on every tee for 5 mins waiting for the group ahead to clear. If beginners followed a few simple rules then a round would be a lot quicker. Be ready to play your shot when it's your turn. Mark your card and talk about the last few shots on the next few not on the green and put your trolly near the direction to the next few. If these 3 things were adhered to the game would be fine. CAC.

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