Tiger vs Phil PPV - post match thoughts..

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Tiger vs Phil PPV - post match thoughts..

So had family in town and they wanted to watch this event so we did.  I actually found it entertaining. Honestly, this was the first time in a long time I watched 22 holes of golf uninterrupted.  

I was sort of rooting for Phil so I was glad to see him win.  I've read a lot of online reporters talking about how this was a bad thing and there are far better choices for players to compete in it to deliver great golf versus the OK golf this showed.   But I think they are completely misunderstanding the intent of the event.  This wasn't to watch 2 people go out and play great golf on an incredible course and shoot 4 or 5 under par.  This was..Tiger vs Phil.  That's All and to me that was enough.   Seeing people suggest Spieth vs Reed would be a better draw - I think to myself...why would I want to watch that?  I know they might play better golf and hit better or longer shots...but neither to me is interesting.  I can't imagine watching - let alone paying for - a PPV with Jordan Spieth,. Or Reed.   Now Tiger vs Sergio?  Sure!  Sign me up.  Another Tiger vs Phil?  Sure! 

To me the reason to do these events isn't about just great golf.  You want people who truly want to beat each other.  And have some rivalry.  There really isn't anything like Tiger vs Phil's history in today's matches.   Reed's rival is...????  who?  and why?  I think today, we honestly have too many great golfers to have rivals.  When Tiger dominated, there were a few glimpses of golfer who might challenge him.  And some did..for moments.

I mean 30 years ago, would I have paid to see Jack vs Arnie?  Sure.  Not because they'd shot 5 under Par, but because they wanted to beat each other.  Would I have paid to see Watson vs Jack?  Sure.  Trevino vs Arnie? Sure.  But Crenshaw vs Stadler?  nope.  No interest.

To me you need more than just great golfers, you need some rivalry.  Can you imagine how boring it would be to watch 18 holes of DJ vs Keopka?  I mean they just don't show emotion ... or talk.

To me this was the best outcome for those putting it on.  They challenged each other, did enough to win, threw out 6 and 7 figure bets (of their own money).  It was what it was intended to be...entertaining.


I heard about this but didn't

I heard about this but didn't know it was on TV yet, so I missed it. I would have been rooting for Phil as I don't like Tiger since he cheated on this wife and then on Lindsey Vonn when they were together for 3 years.  I;m Glad Phil won and sorry I missed it play out. 


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Didn't watch it.  Didn't care

Didn't watch it.  Didn't care to watch it.  Nothing more than a circus side show IMO.

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I went onto one of the Golf

I went onto one of the Golf blogs were I knew people would be talking "live" about it and they seemed bored. Interesting that Phil won all the "closest to the pin" on the par 3's that he bet on. Figured Tiger's irons were on point that he'd get one of those. Sure, it was a sideshow in a lot of ways, and it's less "genteel" than the old Shell Wonderful World of Golf...but I wonder in the end if the PPV panned out for them. Cynical me wonders if the technical issue that caused them to open the broadcast in general towards the end was because they could save face by getting more viewers so they made it up.

As far as Spieth vs Reed...Jordan is too nice to get fired up over. Patrick Reed is becoming everyone's most hated golfer, he is cultivating the "loner" jerk image, separating himself from everyone else. Wouldn't mind seeing him fade away. There are other "jerkish" golfers like Ian Poulter but he's a loveable jerk because he gets crazy about competition but he's not an unpleasant guy. Or quirky jerk like Bubba Watson who may throw temper tantrums, yell at his caddy, or cry on the 18th green.

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Scott Rushing
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I expect we'll see more PPV

I expect we'll see more PPV exhibitions in the coming years...but they have to find people interesting enough to have people buy it.  Reed, Dustin, Reed, Day, Keopka, etc...do not have that appeal.  Similar to the olds Shell World of Golf matches..just PPV...

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