Tips for controlling the trajectory of your ball

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Tips for controlling the trajectory of your ball

But when you have trees or wind or any other items that demand you hit a higher or lower shot than normal, there are a number of small adjustments you can make that will help Here are some tips to help you control your trajectory.

When it is breezy swing easy. Take more club. This method allows you to minimize the ball spin rate that would cause the ball to have a steeper trajectory. Lower spin rates keep the ball flight lower.

When you need it high, give it all your thigh. Swing fast and increase the spin and therefore the trajectory.

When you swing down the ball goes up. Make your swing steeper to make the ball go up faster. Make a divot.

Make your swing flatter to make it go lower. Practice baseball swings.

Grip down on the grip and the ball tends to go lower.

Grip up on the grip and the ball tends to go higher

Place the ball position back for lower trajectories

Place the ball position forward to increase the trajectory

In the set up tilt the shaft angle forward to lower the trajectory and decrease the loft of the clubface and consciously keep the hands ahead of the club head during the swing. Keep the butt of the club pointing forward of your zipper

To keep the trajectory low make sure your body leads the swing and finishes forward.

To make the ball go high intentionally leave your body weight on your back foot in the finish

Forward shoulder tilts high to make the ball go high.

Forward shoulder tilt lower to make the ball fly low

Less wrist hinge for lower trajectory

More wrist hinge for higher trajectory