Took my son to his first golf lesson of the year

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Scott Rushing
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Took my son to his first golf lesson of the year

Took my son, 10 yrs old, to a golf lesson today with my instructor.  She's great with juniors.  he's gone with me to the range a lot  and he's had one 15 minute lesson a few years ago but now that he's 10, i figured it's time to give it a bit more structure.   I was amazed how well he did and how much he improved in just one lesson.  He was hitting his driver 75-100 yards after the swing changes, and in the air!  That's so much better than he was doing before.    Instructor kept it focused on about 3 simple swing things and he seemed to catch on to them.  

He was happy when she put him up against Adam Scott's swing and pointed out severla similarities in his new swing to Adam's.   he was excitied.   So we'll see how it goes.  I'm planning to take things slow.  Another lesson in 3 or 4 weeks, maybe a round a Par 3 in a couple weeks.  Nothing pressured.