Top 30 Player of the Year Predictions

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Top 30 Player of the Year Predictions

We are just about a week away from the beginning of the 2014 LPGA season.
With 33 tournaments on the schedule (including the International Crown), this year promises to be the most interesting season ever.

Here are my top 30 picks for the 2014 LPGA Player of the Year: (last year's actual finish is in parenthesis)

Scott Rushing
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Lexi Thompson

Tony, Good stuff as always. Will be interesting to see how the season goes, but I'm betting Lexi keeps the pedal to the metal and has a breakout season. She finished strong last year and I'm hoping she can take that momentum into 2014. Still consistent at abotu 70% of FIR and improving her GIR to into the Top 10 on the PGA last season, she's got the tools. Let's see how she does with a few wins under her belt.

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