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walking round

had a physical today (hadn't been to the GP for several years, never get sick, luckily) and he asks about exercise. He was very surprised to learn that if you walk 18 holes it is 5-6 miles. He's not a golfer, but he was astute enough to remark that if you are a bad golfer, it's probably more miles! One other thing I do (when it isn't 95 degrees) is little 50 yard sprints when going to my ball. Particularly after teeing off, since I play with 3 men, they are usually 100 yards away by the time I've gotten my club back in the back and such. So I sprint from the tee box for a little distance to close the gap. Then I walk the rest of the way, and catch my breathe while the 3 hit their 2nd shots. Call it interval training. Of course, this is more likely to happen on the front 9...

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Yep, that's right .. 5-6miles

Yep, that's right .. 5-6miles during that round, and should you be fit enough to carry your bag, it's even more of a workout.  My knees whon't handle that any more but I still like walking. 

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I just did the math and it

I just did the math and it turns out that a 7000 yard course is 3.97 miles, 7040 yards for a full 4 miles. Even if you don't play from the back tees, on most courses you have to walk past the back tees to get to the other tees, so you have to walk the 4 miles either way. And as we all know this is IF you walk in a Straight line, which most of us do not do all that often. And this does NOT include the 50 yards on average you have to walk for the green you just played to the next tee box. Do that 17 times and you just added another 850 yards ir about a hald mile roughly. Next time I play a round of golf I'll have to wear my Garmin and see how far I walk and compare that to the yardage for the course I play. Has any of you used a fitenes tracker to measure how far you walk during a round?


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The two guys we play with have tracked the miles on 2 different devices. Overall miles would include the walk from the parking lot to the clubhouse and the first tee...distance walked between holes...remember that the golf course yardage is a straight line from the tee box to the center of the green and so we can pick up a fair amt of add'l yards walking from green to next tee box. We have a couple of holes that I would guess are over 300 yards walk to the next tee. As far as carrying your bag...why put undue strain on your back?


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I got a Fitbit for my

I got a Fitbit for my birthday.  This is a device that tracks steps among other things.  

10000 steps is just under 4 miles and that is considered the daily goal when tracking steps.  

The course I work at is only par 31 (nine hole) and plays at a bit over 2000 yards from the "tips".  Whenever I play there I have no problem tipping 10000 steps (daily count) usually mid round.  I've found that I can manage 10000 steps without much trouble playing 18 holes at a par 72 course and riding in a cart just factoring in the number of casual steps taken during the course of the round.