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Wedge Bounce

So I was reading the March '15 issue of GD and Chris O'Connell has an article on there on short game and essentially say's not to pick the wedge you wil use for a shot just off the loft of the club but to make your choice based off the bounce the shot needs.   Uphill shots you choose a high bounce (probably lower lofted) club and let the uphill add the loft that you lose by going with the lower lofted club.  The extra bounce gives you some "help" in that you can hit behind the ball a little and the bounce keeps the club from digging in immediately.  Whereas a downhill shot needs a lower bounce (probably higher lofted) club.   If you use a higher bounce club, you risk the esge of the club hitting the ball and hitting the low screamer.  The lower bounce enables the club to get into the turf quicker and under the ball and the higher loft is countered by the downhill shot.  

Anyway, interesting approach to selecting a wedge for a specific shot.  I've not thought too much about the bounce a shot condition needs, I usually just grab the wedge I think I can hit the shot with.  Maybe I'll keep this onhand for some testing once the spring gets here.

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that is another way to think about how you are supposed to change ball position forward/back based on uphill/downhill lie. It's another way to change bounce, in effect.

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True.  About the only time I

True.  About the only time I've thought about that stuff is when i hit an approach shot into a the trees and my ball is sitting on the mulch and leaves and stuff.  I tend to do better with my pitching wedge to get good contact on the ball than I do my sand wedge.  I guess that's because it has a higher bounce and doesn't dig in as much.  Have to try to remember that when (ok, it'll be a while given the weather we're having) I play the next few rounds, pay attention to the situation and try and alter my wedges a bit and see how it goes.

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More important than the

More important than the bounce of your wedges would be to Tilt your upper body Toward the green when hitting from a Downhill lie, and Away from the green when hitting from an Up hill lie. Doing this will allow you to strike the ball very much the same way as you do from a Flat lie, and your ball contact will be correct for both shots.


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