what eGolf or online golf tools or phone apps do you like?

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Scott Rushing
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what eGolf or online golf tools or phone apps do you like?

Anyone have specific phone-based apps or tools you like to use? More and more seem to be coming out.

Here are some of the ones that I've used.

Freecaddie - App on my phone. $FREE

have used it for several years when I don't have my GPS charged. it provides only basic distances to the front, middle and back of the green but it quickly finds courses near by and is easy to use.

3bays Golf Swing Analyzer - Device you attach to your club with an accompanying app on the tablet or phone.

I haven't used this in a few months but overall I like this device. it attaches to the club by inserting it into the top of the grip and records your swing data which you can then download and visualize in the app. The visual graphing of your swing is neat though I'm not sure exactly how accurate it is. There are just some strange but consistent things happening in my swing and I'm not sure if they really are or just limitations to the accuracy of the device. One pain though is that since it's attached to the club, if you want to change clubs, you have to move the device and -in theory- go back to the app and tell it which club you're now using. Otherwise, if you started with Driver and told it you had driver, all the stats would be recorded as if they were with your driver, until you go back into the app and change the club it thinks you're using.

UberSense Golf - App for Iphone or Ipad - FREE

Love this app. It will let you use your device to easily record your golf swing at the range. Then you can play it back and compare it to other swings you've had or other pro's swings and see frame by frame how the two swings compared. Helps you identify things you do differently than the pros. I really like this app. Also they provide a series of free downloadable videos from teaching pro's on various golf swing tips and fixes. They're short and easy to use at the range.

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I like the sound of UberSense. If I can get hubby to learn how to hold the device still enough for a good recording.
I downloaded SkyDroid a long time ago, it was free or 99 cents. It is also the "emergency back up" because it doesn't give all the info that my SkyCaddy does (just front/center/back) but it's handy to have when traveling.
I read that the newer app's that you pay for (not outrageous, like $20-30) don't eat up battery power as quickly as the old ones, too.

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Scott Rushing
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I got a tripod and an adapter

I got a tripod and an adapter for my ipad. They make them for Iphones too. I like being able to just set it up on the tripod and hit and hit. Pretty cheap too, maybe $20 for the ipad tripod adapter.

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Scott Rushing
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More testing

So I broke out the 3Bays GSA Pro swing analyzer today...After my trip to MB I decided my inconsistent swings needed some work, and I was watching the pro's swings in slow-motion on TV and thought I'd play with this again.  I think a BIG part of my swing inconsistency is I tend to start the down swing with my upper body instead of starting with my hip turn.  I was watching some Pro's and it's clear their swings initialize the start of the down swing.   With my swing, I may hit it OK, sometimes well, or I may come over the top a bit with some pulls. 

So I put the 3Bays in my 5I and was playing with my swings a bit.  Normal 5I swing speed was about 80 mph...Then I started beginning the swing with firing the hips through, and the swing speed definitely goes up.  About avg was 84-85MPH, topping out at 88-90MPH.  Now these were just swings in my house (I have high ceilings!).   And I have no idea how accurate the device is but I think I'll go by the golf store and hit a few irons in their hitting bay and see if I see differences in the swing speeds.

But I did feel like I wasn't coming over the top with these swings.  Maybe I'll tee up some balls at the range tomorrow (when It dries out from Matthew!) and see if I can control the swing at all...I'm thinking I'll work on this over the winter and see if I can improve my ball striking.  I care less about gaining distance as I do with stopping the over to top and poor ball striking..


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Scott; ; What you are seeing

Scott; ; What you are seeing when your speed goes up ia what happens when your swing is done in the proper order of things. Start with the hips turning back to the target and your speed goes up due to your swing being in the proper order. If you upper body starts the downswing, your hips can NOT add any power to your swing and your speed falls off. It's all about getting the proper Sequence working for you.


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