Winter Soltice is here

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Winter Soltice is here

Today is Winter Soltice time, 3:33 PM to be more accurate. The BAD news is that today is the FIRST day of Winter, so we have 3 months of winter to get through before Spring gets here. The GOOD news is that is the SHORTEST day of the year in terms of day light, so for the next 6 months the days will be getting LONGER each day until the first day of Summer gets here June 22nd. Sun set at around 4:30 stinks and COLD weather is not much fun. But at least it will be getting beter before too long I hope. 

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WEll I'm certainly not

Well I'm certainly not complaining about the weather here around the Lakes.  Winter may have come early and hard with snow and well below normal temperatures in November, but that has been replaced with a very mild and relatively dry December.  I don't think that there has been a single day this month where we weren't above freezing at some point through the day and we bookended the month with temperatures pushing into the mid 50's!

We've had our share or rain, but the lack of snow and milder temperatures have me singing a happy tune.  From what we can tell it appears as though the mild weather will continue into January with the long range forecast not calling for snow until about the 10th.  I'll take it!  :)

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Well we're into January now..

Well we're into January now...and snow coming in this weekend, after it was just 65 on Wed.  Crazy weather.   So no golf in my near future...But it's January which means April isn't far away!!!

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