Womens US Open

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Womens US Open

The Womens US Open is being held in NJ this year. Michael and I (along with our golf buddy Larry) are contemplating driving up to watch on Saturday. However...I am afraid that it will be a circus with the possible appearance of DT, who will be a major distraction. Security, protesters, etc. And I will admit that I am most definitely not a supporter, so I have misgivings about spending any money at his facility. Poor Brittany Lincicome made the mistake of tweeting that she would prefer he not show up because it would be a distraction and take away from the golf...and she got piled on. It is a shame that this tournement is possibly going to turn into a circus.

Scott Rushing
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Understand Aimee.  You could

Understand Aimee.  You could just go to support the LPGA and the local community that benefits by being there.  But I completely understand.  Not a big fan either but I try and put that aside when someone else would benefit from my support.


We're heading to the PGA Championship in August, near me..but that's not likely to have DT there.

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I agree with Scott, just go

I agree with Scott, just go and support the LPGA if that is what you want to do. No sense in missing out the the event just because Trump might be there. Local charities benefit from these events, and they still could use your support so I don't see why you can't go and enjoy the ladies playing golf and have a good time while helping out the charity. 


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not likely

heavy rain on and off today in NJ, it will probably be a muddy mess tomorrow so I'm inclined to skip it based on that now

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