Review of 1 Iron Golf 1 Irons (Irons)

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1 Iron Golf
1 Irons

The irons are of the highest quality and look great at address. They feel better than any other iron I've ever hit and the ball just shoots off the clubface.


1 Iron Golf company manufactures sets of single length golf clubs which means that all of the irons within the set are exactly the same length (in my case the length of my old #8 iron). This lets me use the same swing and ball position with every iron in the bag and has made me a much better and more consistent ball striker. My accuracy is much improved and I've gained about five yards with every iron. These irons have made a drastic improvement in my game.


My only regret is that I didn't have these irons ten years ago.


The idea behind these irons is that you can use the same swing and ball position with every iron and on every shot since they're all the same length. I'm amazed that this isn't how all golf clubs are made.

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