Review of Acer XK (Drivers)

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The Acer XK is a good quality, solid feeling, and good sounding club. The people that hit were for the most part not familiar with the brand, but grew fond of the way that it hit and indicated that they really liked it


I brought the driver to the local driving range and I passed it around to various golfers as a demo. We studied the strike point and the ball flight pattern. It seems like the off center shots that were initially not going straight, turned back into the fairway about 95% of the time resulting in a good playable shot. I was amazed at how forgiving this driver can be when considering control, and how much the driver does the work for you.


Can't think of anything that I don't like about except maybe that it does have the super coolk appearance that the newer drivers have, i.e. all black or all white.


Great club for a very affordable price when compared to the bigger brands. It has every bit of the performance that one expcts in a driver and it costs much less than the major brands. The ability to have it custom assembled is a big bonustoo. No surprise that it made the Golf Digest top ten driver list

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