Review of Adams a12 Pro (Irons)


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a12 Pro

Very high quality set of irons, I love the stock KBS shafts and the GolfPride grips. Like I mentioned before the finish holds up better than the previous CB1/CB2 models.


Being what I call a trapper of the ball I love the cambered sole of this club, great from the fairway as well as the rough. Thinner topline but not intimidating. My misshits are usually out towards the toe, with these they still stay on line with about 1/2 club loss of distance. The feel and sound are absolutely amazing on flushed shots. The finish seems to pretty durable as well. These are beautiful clubs, check-em out.


I was a little concerned about the finish but they seem to holding up.


I all comes down to comfort and personal preference but these may be in my bag for several years, I can't imagine a better club for my game. The KBS Tour 120 stiff shafts sold me on this set. Feel, workability and forgiveness is what this head/shaft combo offers. Some sets may feel better, be more forgiving and more workable, but these have all of that on an above average scale. If your looking for a players style club with forgiveness these are them.

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