Review of Adams Idea Pro (Utility Clubs)

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Idea Pro

Adams makes quality clubs and their reputation with hybrids is the gold standard.


I bought the club for distances of about 160 to 170yds. The first time I used it I was a little over 160yds from the pin. Perfect, i pulled it out and took my regular swing and watched the ball bounce of the downslope of the back of the green about 175 to 180yds away! the second time i used it I got the same result, I flew the green and I just took an easy swing because the club face is small from heel to toe but high from top to bottom so i wanted to just make good contact. This club is a rocket and the feel of it is as sweet as it comes.


I still need a 160 to 170yd club.


When i bought this from in mid May it was a closeout sale but if you can find it before the sale ends or find them somewhere else do yourself a favor and throw one in your bag. I plan to put at least one more in mine.

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