Review of Adams Speed Line 9032 Ti (Fairway Woods)


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Speed Line 9032 Ti

The constuction is solid and the club appears to be strong. If feels good performs solid. There is a weight on the bottom that can be changed out and I did not get to experiment with that but I was told it helps with the lower center of gravity which increases the distance. The model I tried was plenty long. The bottom is very flat and it does not look like it would cut through the rough well but it did.


I played tried out the new Adams speedline 9032 ti 3 wood today. I was a little skeptical due to the past advertisements by Adams golf. I have a set of the old Red Line fairway woods in my spare bag in the garage and although I really liked them when I got them 7 years ago they were not all that they were advertised to be. I was took my 3 wood to the course with me today to see how I hit it and compare with the new 9032. On the practice range the new 9032 definitely out preformed the old Red Line as expected. But more than that it was very easy to hit and actually had the extra yardage as advertised. I took it on the course and was pleasantly surprised. I used the new 9032 on 7 of my drives and hit 7 fairways. I averaged about 10 yards farther based on reading on my SG5 Sky golf readings. I had a couple of bad hits off the deck on the par 5s but I attribute that to over swinging. I liked the feel and the weight of the club.


The price, I think $330 is too much to pay for a fairway metal. It is the best fairway metal I have played with yet but I think I will wait for the price to come down a bit.


I am glad to see Adams step it up and compete with the upper end companies with a high end club. This is the best 3 wood I have played with by far. Weighting, feel, distance and playability.

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