Review of Adams Speedline F10 (Fairway Woods)

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Joe Golfer
Speedline F10

Clubhead is excellent.Shaft is an okay shaft. I wouldn't use it in a driver, but it's decent for a fairway wood.Original grip was poor, as it was too thin, even if one does like the crossline style of grip. There was no brandname on that grip other than the Adams Golf branding, so I don't know who the manufacturer was, but it was not Golf Pride.But a grip can easily be changed, so I can't deduct too much for that aspect, since it is often a matter of personal preference.


The club does have a nice feel to it.The sole is structured so that there is less contact with the ground, so less chance of a fat shot. Weight at back of sole adds forgiveness.Shaft says 'stiff', but this particular shaft is on the easy side of stiff, probably between a regular and a stiff, but closer to stiff.It hits slightly lower than my other five wood of the same loft, probably because the clubhead is not as deep from front to back.


Grip was poor, and not because it was used.Grip was too thin, thinner than most standard grips by a slight amount.I'm not a fan of the crossline style grips anyway.There is no alignment aid on top of clubhead.While this isn't a particularly big deal, I still prefer a slight mark on top to center the ball, especially when there is sun glare.I took the old grip off, I trimmed the butt about a quarter of an inch, as the old swingweight was D4 according to Adams website, so now it is around D2.I then added a better grip, the Golf Pride Tour Wrap II grip, which is tackier feeling and the appropriate thickness.Shaft has slightly more torque than I'd prefer for my game, but it seems to work out decently in this case, as I am trending towards a mild draw with this club, which keeps the ball down also.


Overall, a pretty fine club. A very nice looking club, with a high quality clubhead.Aldila Wasabi stiff shaft is a tad soft for a 'stiff', but that's okay with me, as that's how I like it.Club gives good performance and has a good feel on ball contact.

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