Review of Adams Tight Lies GT 363 (Drivers)

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Chad Hershberger
Tight Lies GT 363

It the best looking club Adams has every made and it instills tons of confidence. In the time I've had it I have yet to chip any of the paint off.


I walked into my favorite golf store about 4 months ago planning on looking at putters. That's when I noticed these new Drivers on display. They looked better than anything Adams had ever offered. I decided to try it out on the stores swing analyzer equipment. It showed that I was hitting the ball dead straight every time with a lot of distance. I bought the club and began to have the same results on the course. I didn't really like the feel of the OEM shaft, though, so I had a UST Proforce 65 put in it and now it's the favorite club in my bag. It's extremely workable too. I can hit fades or draws almost at will and I have yet to hit a hook with it yet.


The OEM shaft was okay but it didn't nearly as good as the UST shaft does.


This is a club that every golfer should at least try. A friend of mine that's a 2 handicapper was playing the Cleveland Launcher. He tried my Adams Driver and now he's hooked. I know it's definately helped my game. Now if I could only putt.

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