Review of AimPro Golf Alignment Ball Marker (Accessories)

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AimPro Golf
Alignment Ball Marker

Very well made and nice looking


The ball marker is the same size as a golf ball, so you have a long black line to aim at your target line. Steel disc is heavy enough to stay put even in strong winds. Very easy to align to the cup, being flat and not a ball. Very easy to see on the green being white and big.


Nothing not to like.


This is a great idea for aligning your putts to your target line. Very easy to aim compared to a using a line on the golf balls as it's FLAT on the ground. After you align the ball marker to the cup, you just align the black line on your ball with the line on the mark and you have the ball perfectly aligned to the cup. First time I played a round with this ball marker I was very consistant with my ball alignment to my target line. Very easy to use and it WOEKS very well. Highly recommend this ball marker to all golfers, especially if you use a line on the ball to align putts.

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