Review of Alpha Version 5 (Drivers)

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Version 5

This driver has won it's share of long drive contests, so you know the head is well made. If not it would be breaking all the time at the speeds those guys generate.


The best thing about this driver is the price. It was free, and the price would have been $450 as I had it built. This is not the say it's a bad driver, because it's not. Distance is very good, about average in terms of foregiveness, meaning it's pretty good. Most all 460CC drivers are pretty foregiving these days. Well hit balls go a long way, and the feeling at impact is very solid.


The only complaint I have is they seems to be a top coat of clear finish on the driver, and it's chipping off where the crown meets for clubface. I don't know if this is a factory finish, or something the local shop applied to the head. It's not really a big deal and doesn't hurt the performance at all. Just looks a little odd.


Excellant driver. Looks as good as any OEM driver. Good feel at impact, and very good distance. About the only thing I'd like to see would be an alignment line on the crown, something a lot of drivers have these days. The clear top coat chipping isn't a problem and I haven't even tried to fix it.

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