Review of Ben Hogan Apex Edge Pro (Irons)

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thumper joe
Ben Hogan
Apex Edge Pro

Solid club, pretty much like all your top brands eg:callaway,taylormade, and they are beautifully weighted, as soon as you grab the club in your hand you know your holding a quality product.


One of the best looking clubs i have seen and playing off a handicap of 5 they suit me to a tee. Easy to draw and fade the ball with and beautiful ball flight.


Liked all of it but could have been a little more forgiving when you just don't catch it sweet.


The apex edge pro is the best iron i have hit and i have tried most irons. I recommend these irons to anyone who has a low to mid handicap. You will hit the ball longer and feel as though you have more control over your shots.

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