Review of Bullet .444 Oversized (Irons)

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.444 Oversized

They are made of forged iron with tru-temper steel shafts.They have a brass wieghts that are in a different spot on each club.This design is called Bullets "progressive wieght system".The face of the clubs has a gritty typr finish that helps with ballspin.


At first,I liked the deal I got on the clubs,but after playing my first round with them I noticed the balance and good feel they have.These clubs have great distance and control with a smooth swing.I just started playing golf recently and already im beating friends with three times as much experice as I have.It could be beginners luck,but I dont think so.


The only thing I dont like about the clubs is that they aren't a big name brand used by the pros.Seems like no ones ever really heard of them.


In my opinion these clubs rank right up there with Callaway, Ping, and some of the other big names in golf.These clubs are good all around,well constructed,and very solid for the average beginner or weekend golfer.I give them an AA++ for forgiveness and playability.

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