Review of Callaway Big Bertha 2006 (Irons)

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Big Bertha 2006

These are very solid looking and feeling clubs. Quality is excellent.


These irons are easy to strike. The ball flies very straight when hit on almost any part of the club face. They have almost completely eliminated my fade. I often find myself ending up left of target. I like the way they get the ball airborn. I see higher flights out of my 4 and 5 irons.


The only dislike is that the distances seem to be lower. I am having to adjust my thoughts to use the proper club to cover the distance. Something else I am getting used to (but will with time) is that they seem a little heavier. That, and the offset are causing me to have some fat hits. I am already starting to overcome that now as my swing gets more confident and sweeter. The clubs have a FAT appearance when at address. It only took a short time to get over that.


I would reccomend these irons to anyone looking to straighten out a fade. Hookers may not like them though. I have had to re-calculate my club choices from 125 yards out due to the apparent reduction in distance. As I start swinging with more confidence, that may change.

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