Review of Callaway Big Bertha (Irons)

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Big Bertha

high quality made all the way. the shaft it's ahead of it's time, by far.


The irons feel great, and offer some workability, which means, the rest of the time it just hit high and stright. I switch from graphite shaft-c-9 swingweight to steel, and I did not loose any distance, infact I hit the ball higher and straighter. Iron game has always been my problem and I had to carry 5 wood and 7 wood. With this new set I took both woods out. Long irons3-4 plays like a dream it was so easy to hit, as easy as a 7 iron. 10 iron plays like a big long easy to hit wedge, get the ball airborn from any troble.


It took a while to get use to the look of the club. it seem big. working the ball required extra effort, because the ball want to straight...well i don't know if that's a bad thing.


If you want to enjoy the game and lower your score get one, actually i would pay twice the amount for it now to replace. try one and you'll know.

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