Review of Callaway Diablo Edge (Irons)

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Joe Golfer
Diablo Edge

The construction of the clubs is good, and the feel of the clubs is also good on ballstriking.


This set is definitely designed for the higher handicapper. The sole is very wide, as is the topline. There is a great amount of offset. Much of the clubhead weight seems located towards the heel side, so that the face turns over faster to prevent slicing, push-fades.Shaft is called 'uniflex', which Callaway says is somewhere between R and S flex, so it supposedly fits a wider variety of golfers.


See the description above under what I like about the unit, as it is essentially just a basic description of the clubs.I think Callaway just doesn't want to stock both R and S flex shafts, so it puts out these in Uniflex so that they don't have to stock as many clubs in a warehouse.If you want to 'work the ball', these clubs are definitely not for you.They are meant for one purpose: to hit the ball high and straight, period.You may even start drawing the ball due to the offset and the heel weighted bias.


Though I purchased the clubs for my nephew, who plays golf less than ten times per year and tends to push the ball to the right (right handed golfer), I did try them a couple of times during the past Autumn season.As mentioned above, this set is definitely designed for the category called super game improvement or max game improvement.Excessive offset and weight towards the heel helps casual golfers square the face on time.Lots of weight at sole and wide sole helps to keep players from digging into the turf, hitting fat shots, and also helps get the ball high into the air.If that's what you are seeking, these are a great set for you, and the price is very cheap still.Thus, a good set for casual golfers who just want to hit high, straight shots.More advanced golfers will seek other types of irons. Better golfers would probably find themselves hooking the ball with these.High marks, but ONLY for the specific type of golfer this club is addressing.

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