Review of Callaway FT-5 (Drivers)

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djoko hamanto

The feel, the sound, the appearance promises quality. its design of the head seems to conceal its 460 cc volume.


Very forgiving makes it easy to use. It does what it says : draw biased. Distance is long since the ball seems to never stop rolling after landing in 200-225 m zone. Ball flight is moderate, not too high.


couldn't find one except the price which is a bit more expensive among the mid-price drivers. Oh yes... , if i have to come up with one, then i would say it's the grip. with such quality and performance, it should also carry better than average grip.


My handicap has been around 14 - 16 for the past few years and despite my obsession, i had big doubt if i could go any lower, given my inconsistent and moderate-distance tee-off. With my newly found FT-5, i might be ending my pain and suffering sooner and soon be embarking on my journey of becoming single HC golfer. My 7 years experience in teing off had never given me the feel, forgiveness, consistency, performance, result, satisfaction and confidence like FT 5 does to me, not even during my best mood and fittness. Thanks FT-5.

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