Review of Callaway FT-iz Hybrid (Utility Clubs)

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Joe Golfer
FT-iz Hybrid

Seems to have very good quality construction.


The club sits nicely behind the ball.Since the face is shallow, it makes it look easy to get up into the air.The clubhead is almost like a cross between a player's hybrid and a small fairway wood, as it is deep from front to back, giving it a deep center of gravity.The ballflight is super-straight, and higher than most hybrids, but then, that is the intent of this model.The FT-iz is more 'game improvement' than the standard FT model of hybrid.It is a very forgiving club.


It's not a club you'd get if you wanted workability.It hits high and straight, and what it is all about. But that's probably what most casual golfers need anyway.


The Callaway FT-iz hybrid is for the golfer who wants to hit the ball high and straight all the time. Like any hybrid, it is far easier to hit than the corresponding iron, but this particular hybrid has a ball flight that is somewhat between a hybrid and a fairway wood of the same loft in that it hits the ball rather high.

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