Review of Callaway Great Big Bertha Titanium 2 Wood (Drivers)

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Jeff Kiene
Great Big Bertha Titanium 2 Wood

Callaway quality


I've hit a number of new drivers on the market and have been quite impressed, however, I have been borrowing my friends Callaway 2 wood and I hit this club better than any club old or new. So I bought one myself.This 2 wood is the perfect club and I am getting the same or longer length with it as I am with a 9 degree driver (280 to 310 max yards in Denver) but with much more accuracy. If your struggling with your new $400 diver, I would suggest you try this club which cost around $130 dollars on the used market.Really, a great driver for the money


There is really nothing to dislike about this driver. I have let friends hit this club and they are suprised as to it's length capabilities and forgiveness.This is the first review I have ever done and it's because this club has changed my golf game. I now longer afraid to hit into narrow fairway which require length.


If your wife would frown on your purchase of a $400 dollar driver. Purchase the Callaway 2 wood titanium "deuce" and tell her you saved her $270

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