Review of Callaway Hawk Eye VFT (Drivers)

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Mr. Impatient
Hawk Eye VFT

First rate. Can't complain here. I've always been impressed with my friends Callaway's and the solid construction and materials used are what they should be for a club in this price range.


It's a Callaway! Solid, reputable and reliable. The shaft is a little stiff on this model, but I've got a strong swing so it's not a problem to get the clubhead speed up and still consistently hit square on.


I think it's really overpriced. I'm starting to realize that I can't let my passion for new equipment overtake my sensibility. haha. Yeah right. Still, it's not a whole lot better for me than some Taylor Mades I've played and I'm not seeing that much improvement in my game.


Quality driver, somewhat forgiving, very pricey. If you must have the Callaway, go for it, I don't think you'll be disappointed. I just wish I would have shopped around some more.

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