Review of Callaway X-14 Steelhead (Irons)

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W Payne
X-14 Steelhead

The X-14's are well made, and probably the most attractive iron Callaway has produced, and the Callaway Winn grips feel great.


Four words sum up the quality traits of these irons, VERY forgiving, VERY straight. Slight mishits still get respectable distance and stay online. The long irons are easy to hit from almost any lie due to a fair width sole, and getting the ball airborne is almost effortless. The irons look good at setup, and are easy to align.


Well now for the downfalls......First and foremost is the lack of consistent distance control, which is crucial, especially in short irons. In my experience it is directly attributable to the CWS (Constant Weight Steel) shafts. These shafts are supposed to fall in between regular and stiff flex and have a "variable kick point" I would recommend going with the DG shafts if you can find them. Also, ball trajectory is a bit higher than I like, if you have a problem getting the ball in the air they are perfect, if this is not a problem then you will find the trajectory a bit high which can wreak havoc in windy conditions. This leads me to my final gripe, lack of feel and lack of workability. Off center shots have almost the same "flushed" feeling as shots hit in the sweet spot. Trying to knock the ball down in the wind or varying the trajectory by moving the ball back in your stance is almost impossible.


All said and done, Callaway has a good purpose built iron. However, I believe the target group would be beginners and higher handicappers. Middle of the road players who are looking to improve will find these exceptionally easy to hit, but these will not be the clubs to help you take your game to the next level.

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