Review of Callaway X-22 Tour (Irons)

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X-22 Tour

Top notch. very solid feel


I play the 2006 X-Tour models and these are supposed to be more like those than last year x-20 Tours. I like the look of the club, and the design/logo stle is pretty cool. The top line being a little thicker than most players clubs give me a bit more confidence when I setup to the ball. Supposedly thats the smallest they can make the topline given the undercut channel. The undercut channel is supposed to distribute the weight and lower the center of gravity.Feel wise, the clubs did well. Felt smooth and soft on solid shots and not too bad on of center shots. Was able to work the ball a bit but nothing went very far off line.Distance wise they were fine, but shorter than the Cleveland Red and Gold series irons, but comparable with my older X-Tours.Forgiveness, well, like I said, nothing ventured too far from the center of the fairway and I was able to hit a soft draw, so they seemed fine to me.


Distance. I figured they'd be neck and neck with the other clubs but they were a bit shorter than the Clevelands.


nice club. nice performance even if only middle of the road distance

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