Review of Callaway X-Tour (Irons)

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The X-Tour iron is constructed using a two-piece forging process,with the face being laser-welded to the body.The overall quality of the irons are above average in look and playability.


The first thing that caught my eye was the thin top line of the blade.The Taylormades,the Nike Victory Reds, and the Cobra's I looked at all had a thicker looking top,which I did not like.I was also pleased that the shaft on hte clubs were True Temper Dynamic Gold,which I have used since High School.


The only negative comment I have is that it took me almost a full season to get get really comfortable using the new irons because of a slightly lower ball flight than I was accustomed.It seemed I was wanting to club down because of the lower flight,but in actuality I was only gaining about three yards of distance.


In general,I am very pleased with the performance of the X-Tour irons.Having used them for two seasons,my confidence level has reached it's apex with these weapons in my hands.I honestly cannot remember so many iron shots knifing the flagstick from the moment of contact.With that being said,I will offer some cautious advice,these clubs are not for everybody.They are players clubs.What I mean by this is that a repeating golf swing, that can 90 out of a 100 times square the sweetspot,you will love the performance.The higher handicapper,whose miss hits will for the most part out number the solid ones,might want to look elsewhere,as I do not find the X-Tour irons very forgiving.In my opinion,there may be a few reasons for this 1)The face of the clubs are not as oversized as some of the others I,ve looked at,leaving a smaller margin for error on mishits, and 2)the Dynamic Gold shafts are stiff rather than standard if you by directly off the rack.This would mean that your clubhead speed would have to be in the upper tier if you want these clubs to perform properly.I will say,if you do catch it right,you,ll never feel the ball leave the club. As golfers,that's what we're all striving to achieve.

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