Review of Callaway x18 (Irons)

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The construction is top notch. The highly polished chrome with blue backs make these very attractive. Since this is a traditional style club it is not distracting at address but still has a thicker topline. The stock grips are of good quality but there are better available.


I really like the feel and looks of these clubs. Having played probably about 6 rounds they have grown on me. These clubs offer the ability to get up quickly. They are pretty forgiving and with a good square swing will still hit the ball straight. Off center hits still fly straight with only a slight loss of distance. The ability to hit these clubs straight is awesome.


I think these clubs are shorter by at least one club length from the Titleist clubs I retired to the garage. Although that may be due to switching from graphite to steel shafts. Feedback is somewhat dampened by the perimeter weighting and hollow backs but you can still judge where on the face you hit the ball.


I am pleased with the purchase of these clubs. The ability to hit them straight more than makes up for any loss of distance. These clubs were originally introduced at $700-$800 dollars for the set. I purchased them for just over $400 and they can be bought for as low as $300 currently new in the box through some internet only sources. If you are on a budget and cannot afford the latest and greatest, I strongly recommend this product.

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