Review of Carbite Carbite DH Series (Putters)

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Pepe NW
Carbite DH Series

You get a solid feel to your stroke and the ball seems to start rolling sooner. I selected the DH for my style of putting, it offers me a better sweet spot from the heel to the toe of my putting strokes. You get a soso head cover finish it's a cosmetic thing. Minor detail you need to keep it covered so it will not scratch the putter shiny finish.


I have told all of my golf buddies about Carbite putters, and they can hardly believe it.. how I have improved my short game. I compared a few putters and this one had me convinced after sinking 12 out of 15 putts in the Demo area of the store. Then I picked up the Higher priced Cleveland model and sampled the "New" series Cap model by Carbite with the new shinier insert? and I was always going back to the DH series Carbite..I was sold on it it could not be matched for price and style.


Some silly comments from my Golf buddies they say I start walking away after I putt because I know it is going to the cup. LOL


I moved to the NorthWest area where it is always wetter conditions. And in most cases on the greens especially where the ball tends to roll slower even in April and May. I was on a search to improve my putting game. I am happy Carbite has a variety of putter models and makes them affordable. I have improved my short game when playing in wet conditions. Thanks again!

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