Review of Cleveland 588 Gunmetal (Wedges)

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John Lewis
588 Gunmetal

The construction and quality of the club are what you would expect from a respected company such as Cleveland. I haven't had any problems yet and don't expect to have any in the future.


I love the way that solid shots feel off this clubface, whether on short shots or full shots. From the fairway I can tell immediately when the ball is going to have some juice on it when it hits the green. Basically, I love the fact that I can tell exactly how well I hit the shot as soon as it comes off the face. Not only that, but it seems as though the ball goes exactly where I have it aimed about 95% of the time (considering that I make a good swing, that is). Also, my play around the green has improved simply from the feel of the wedge. The head feels much softer that any previous wedges I have used and this has given me much more control and confidence when I'm a few yards off the green. I can get up and down almost all the time (or at least I think I can).As for the looks of the club, I couldn't be happier. Not only does the gunmetal clubhead look dull (with virtually no glare) in the sun and frame the ball perfectly, it rusts after play and it gives it a slight "antique" feel that just makes it nice to look at.


The only downside that this club had was the factory Cleveland grip. Don't get me wrong, it was a perfectly adequate grip for most people, but I tend to play all day when I can get to the course and my hands sweat quite a bit and the grip tended to slip slightly. I replaced it with an "All-Weather" Winn grip and haven't had a problem since.


As with any wedge (or any clubs for that matter, period) you should try out as many different models as possible (if possible) before you make your decision. Look for demo programs in your area. However, make sure you include this club in any test group that you take out because it is a beautiful and easy to hit club and I think you will find that it will be your favorite when compared to most other wedges on the market.

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