Review of Cleveland CG-15 Tour (Wedges)

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CG-15 Tour

Quality and finish is first rate. The shafts are good quality as are the OEM grips.


Excellent set of wedges. Love the Black Pearl finish, as it's not at all shiney like most chrome plated wedges. They look great, nice thin top line. The small Laser cut grooves do work as promised. Hitting balls you will get small amounts of white powder from the cover start to fill up the small grooves, so you know they are working. The finish seems to last pretty well, with no signs of wearing off. Feel and performance is excellent. Great from softer ground and fluffy sand. Real good spin for a 2010 conforming set of wedges.


I would have perferred to demo the lower bounce DSG wedges, which is what I requested. The high bounce of the Black Pearl wedges I tested was a bit too high for the firm playing conditions in my area. If you play from soft conditions this wouldn't be a problem at all.


If you play from softer conditions, I'd say these 3 wedges would make an EXCELLENT addition to you bag. For the firmer playing condition where I play, I think the lower boucce DSG wedges with the OIL CAN finish would be my choice. The Tour Playings are forced to play the new wedges and irons with the smaller grooves. The the laser grooves on these new CG15 wedges is going to help a lot. They add some 1,200 RPM of backspin over regular wedges, and with the lose of spin with the new smaller 2010 groove rule, the extra 1,200 RPM is going to come in real handy. With the extra spin, I think the new CG15 Tour wedges will be one of the top performing wedges on tour this year, and for years to come. If you play in tournements, I'd recommend you buy some as soon as possible.

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