Review of Cleveland CG12 (Wedges)

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srushing - Scott Rushing

Great construction. It' a solid wedge from that perspective. Feel solid and stout in your hands, the weight is mostly in the club head and it helps you feel confident over the ball that this club will get the job done.


The wedge is described as having Cleveland's 'zip groove' technology to add more spin and bite to the ball. I was replacing an older Cleveland 588 wedge that I felt had lost some of it's bite. The wedge's chrome finish is nice. Relatively thin line at the top makes it seem like a players club but it's pretty forgiving. Nice weight. The low bounce is helpful in thin or wet bunkers. Wedge does have some spin, but I can't say that I se an appreciable difference between it and my old wedge.


For me, the club sets up with what looks like a closed clubface. So I have to check and recheck my alignment to make sure the ball will go where I want it too. The 'zip spin' seems like it maybe just another marketing ploy. While I wasn't expecting lots of back spin and the ball sucking back 6 feet after it lands, I really haven't been able to tell a difference between this wedge' spin and my old one just yet.


Thus far I'm happy with the wedge. I wanted the low bounce for my local bunkers and that I got. Wanted a little more spin on the wedge but I haven't seen that difference yet but I'll keep working with it. At the price, I would buy it again.

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