Review of Cleveland CG16 (Irons)

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Joe in Louisville

Seem to be good construction and quality except for the wear issues with the black pearl finish. Don't know much about the shafts or who makes them. They seem kind of average but to be expected. Grips are okay (btw Mizuno JPXs have horrible rubber grips) but will probably replace them at some point.


BINGO! Played with the CG16s for the first time a few days ago (only 9 holes) and...- Awesome soft feel off the face (for cast clubs)- Plenty long though hard to judge in only 9 holes if as long as advertised (never really understood what difference length in irons make anyway)- Good height on short irons- VERY FORGIVING...AND HIT THEM DEAD STRAIGHT!Problem solved. Iron play has been a major weakness for last few seasons and I was finally hitting it at the pin. Unfortunately I was having a really bad day putting since I hadn't played in a while. Missed 3 breaking birdie putts within 6 feet...but finally I at least had the opportunity.Finally, and what helps me, is that Cleveland employed similar design concept as many of the other manufacturers in altering the amount of offset through the set...very little in short irons and more in long irons where needed. Why do you need a bunch of offset in a pitching wedge?


My only concern with these irons is that part of the design concept is VERY light 85 gram shafts. If you play usual True Temper shafts it's likely they are in the 105 to 115 gram or more range. You'll be surprised by the difference, you'll feel it right away and it takes some getting use to. At first I felt I couldn't really feel where the club head was during the swing and they might be a little hard to control. But it really didn't seem to be a I said I was hitting it dead straight. I think they might be a better club with TT GS95 shafts or something similar. I get what Cleveland is trying to do with ultralight shafts but they may have gone just a bit overboard. If you've played graphite shafts it may not be an issue for you. Also, my swing speed puts me borderline between regular and stiff flex steel. I went with the regular since that's what I have always played, but since the stiff shafts weigh the same as the regular I kind of wish I would have gone that way. Typically stiff steel shafts will weigh more than regular.Another minor concern is the Black Pearl finish. I have read reviews that say it wears pretty quickly. I was on the fence between BP and Satin Chrome finish (which by the way looks awesome) but found I liked the way the black stealth finish seemed to make me concentrate more on the ball than the top line...just seemed a little less distracting than a chrome finish if that makes any sense.


Bottom line is these are really nice clubs for a middle aged guy with a moderate swing speed. Cleveland did a great job with these. VERY HIGHLY RECOMMENDED.

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