Review of Cleveland Classic Collection HB 7 Putter

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Scott Rushing
Classic Collection HB 7 Putter

Felt top notch. Would not expect there to be any quality issues with this club.


Nice putter. Very good feel to it when you hold it in your hands. Feels very solid. Great looks. This putter has a milled face though not as deep a milling as the Scotty Cameron's have.

The Cleveland website says "Exceptional performance at an exceptional value. Classic Collection HB Putters combine traditional designs with softer, more responsive feel than ever before." And I would have to agree with them. Very good feeling club.

In terms of how well it putts, well on short putts, it's very easy to line up. There's an alignment aid right behind the ball which makes it pretty easy to align with the target line. I nailed each of the short putts I tried from 2-3 feet. Not that I shouldn't have but the setup of the club and the alignment line just made it simple.

It was good on long putts as well. The ball jumps off the face so you will need to adjust to control the distance. I felt like I didn't need a mallet putter in order to hit long putts. Was very easy to get the ball to the hole.

Heel-Toe Weighting Maximizes Moment of Inertia for minimal distance loss on off-center hits.

New and improved Winn grip offers soft texture and responsive feedback. A slightly deeper CNC milling pattern on the face promotes a softer feel at impact for more control.


Not many cons. For me, a wider, thicker alignment line would have been nice. I know it's a balance between function and esthetics, but on longer putts, it's nice to have a wider, longer alignment aid to help align the club face.


Great feeling putter, easy to get the ball to the hole and very easy to align on short putts. All those factors should make this a winner for Cleveland.

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