Review of Cleveland HiBore (Drivers)

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Quality of the head is excellent. Good quality shaft, just too light for me.


I like a driver with enough loft to get the ball in the air high enough for good carry distance. This 11.5* head is perfect for that. The added loft also helps to minimize the effect of side spin, which translates into a straighter ball flight. The Hi-bore XL is not too big, not like the new HI-bore XLS Monster. It's loud at impact, but I like that as it lets me know when I really catch one solid. Good lever of foregineness for a mid level golfer.


I don't care for the light 55 gram shaft in this driver. Just too light and hard to control compared to a good 75 grams shaft.


This 11.5* driver is an excellent choice for any golfer looking to hit the ball a little higher for more carry distance. The XL has enough foregiveness for any mid handicap golfer. Loud sound will not make everyone happy, but I rather like the sound. Ball flight is long and straight when I do my part. As a bonus, you can work the ball left or right without too much effort, if you have the talent for working the ball. I think the XL is a great buy for the money if you can find one used.

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