Review of Cleveland HiBore (Drivers)

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Quality is top notch. I expect on par with any other driver on the market.


I love this club, if their is any problem with a shot it is definetly me and not the club. At first the club seemed huge, but the shape of the head does not distract me like the Sumo2 or FTi. I have a swingspeed close to 120mph measured at the time I purchased the club and can blast the ball 290+ yards down the middle with a nice trajectory. The club is still workable right and left but I dont have the ability to be consistent when attempting these shots.


My only complaint and this is minor is the grip. The stock grip is not bad but there are many that are much better. Feels solid and imparts confidence at address. There isn't a better feeling than cranking one out there long and straight.


Not being one that must have the latest and greatest, I bought last years model and saved 50%. The big head catches your attention, but was easy for me to get used too. I have hit some of this years drivers but cannot claim they are any or much better. This driver will hit it high, straight and far.

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