Review of Cleveland HiBore (Drivers)

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Quality and construction is first rate.


I like just about everything with this driver. The 10.5* loft is good. The XL is a high launch design, so 10.5* is plenty of loft for a lot of golfers. The Red factory shaft is quite good. The Gold shaft is a higher launch shaft than the red with a little higher torque. Flex for a S is pretty good, and fits my swing very well. The head cover is one of the best I've seen, Easy to remove and put back on, and it protects the shaft very well. I can work the ball with this driver, and that's one of the things I look for in a driver.


Nothing not to like.


I got 2 XL drivers, a 9.5* and a 10.5* when I ordered. After hitting both side by side with a playing partner, I decided to keep the 10.5* and sell him the 9.5*. We both hit them about the same distance and the ball flight was very close. He said which ever one I didn't want, he'd buy it. It was hard to pick, and I think I'd have been just as happy with either one. Both drivers are very long, with a nice high ball flight for good carry.

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