Review of Cleveland HiBore (Drivers)

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Billy Baroo

pretty solid construction and quality as I expected.


after trying pretty much every driver...TM 460, TM R5 Dual, Callaway FT-3, Callaway X460, Cobra F Speed, Nike Sasquatch Sumo (both traditional and square and I don't care for the square), Titleist 907 D2 the list goes on. I only wanted to spend $200 as I don't think I needed to spend more and I was right! After all the research I had done for a few months it was time to head into the store and try them out for myself. There was something about the feel of the swing, for me, that just felt great. I hit it the farthest of the lot and the most consistent (least dispersion). Trajectory was about 11-12 deg which for my swing speed of about 106-110 was what I wanted. They couldn't calculate spin with their system so I couldn't say. The reviews say it has low spin but I'm sure it's reasonable as the distance shows me. It can be worked for fades/draws pretty easily as well. I really, really like the driver. I was hitting a TM R5 and loved the way it felt at impact as well as the feeling in the swing, smooth. The XL has a VERY similar feel but is much further by about 20-25 yards thank you very much, Cleveland...


It can be a teeny bit loud for some, yet not as loud as the Nike was. I could care less since I'm the last one to hit my second shot in my group, LOL.


With all the research I have done, internet reviews, magazine tests, etc. Pick a few that suit your swing style and speed and hit them. I definitely recommend trying this in addition to others that may be on your list. I seriously doubt you will be disappointed. Don't be surprised if you buy one.

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