Review of Cleveland Launch TL310 (Drivers)

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Launch TL310

Same high quality driver that I've come to expect from Cleveland Golf.


This is the heaviest of the 3 new Launcher drivers, and the one I like the best. I perfer a heavier shaft in my drivers, and the TL310 has the highest shaft weight of the 3 new Launcher drivers. Very good distance and ball flight, Very low back spin for me, rarely much over 2000 RPM, which is very low for me. Easy to hit straight and long, and I didn't lose any distance with this heaviest of the 3 new Launcher drivers. It just feels better in my hands during the swing and I'm more confident with it.


Nothnig not to like


If you like a standard weight driver than I'd recommend you try out the new Launcher TL310. Cleveland has 3 new Launcher drivers and this is the heavest of the three. For me the heavier shaft and head just fits my game the best of the three. Very long and easy to hit straight. Good ball flight and lots of roll due to the very low spin rates I was getting.

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