Review of Cleveland Launcher (Drivers)

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Quality is excellent. Very well made driver.


I ordered two 10.5* drivers, and got in this 9.5* by mistake. No complaints after hitting it at the range Friday, as the launch angle is fine, and I'm hitting this R flex shaft driver very well for an R flex. It was used, but in excellent shape with only minir dings on the sole from someone dropping an iron on top of the driver while it was in the bag. Nice solid feel at impact, Very quiet sound at impact, which some golfers like. Very long off the tee.


Nothing not to like about this driver. I got it for the head, so the R flex shaft may be too soft, but I plan to install a new S flex shaft, so that's not a problem.


This used driver is ALMOST good enough as it came to go in most anyones bag, it's that good. Excellent quality and very long off the tee. Good forgiveness level, and pretty easy to work the ball right or left if you have the talent to do this. For a used driver, it was in excellent shape with very little use going by the condition of the head and original grip, which was like new after I clean it with soap and water.

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