Review of Cleveland Launcher (Drivers)

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Quality and construction is first rate. No complaints at all


Just about everything about this drive is very good. The club was sold as pre-owned, but it looks almost new. The crown and face have no marks on them. and only small scratchs on the sole from hitting balls. Nothing a new club wouldn't pick up in a day or two of use. The head a black, which looks nice. The Comp is a composite head, with a graphite crown. Ball flight was high and long


The only thing I didn't like about the driver was the R flex shaft. I wanted a S flex, but Golfsmith was out of them when I ordered the club, so I had to go with the R flex. For an R flex, it feels pretty stiff, just not stiff enough for my 107 MPH swing. As factory shafts go, It's a real good shaft, and for an R flex, it's on the firm side compared to some others I've tried.


This was rated as one of if not the longest driver you could get in 2006. And after hitting this one, I can understand why. the ball flight is high with a good piecing trajectory. If an R flex shaft suits your game, this is a driver worth hitting. Because the shaft was too soft for me, I did change out the R flex for a S flex after trying it with the factory shaft. As far as I can tell, with the new shaft, it's as long and straight as the newer HIBore XL. HIt one drive out to 306 Yards my first round with it in the bag.

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