Review of Cleveland Launcher (Drivers)

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Kevin Clary

The quality and construction of this driver is first rate. I have a YS-7 shaft in it and matches the head perfectly. I have played a minimum of 10 rounds with it and it still looks brand new.


I absolutely love the look, feel, and forgiveness of the club. It sets up wonderful behind the ball and allows me to work the ball at will. It is about 10-15 yards longer for me than my 975D and I hit alot more fairways because my accuracy has dramatically improved. Tee it high to hit it high and tee it low to hit it low. It is a very easy club to hit for high or low handicappers. I rate it a 10.


There is nothing I don't like about the Cleveland Launcher. I absolutely adore it........


I would recommend this club to anyone who wants to improve their driving. The club is longer than anything I have hit to date, and I have demo'd them all. It is long, great looking, and is the most forgiving club I have ever hit. It has made golf fun again. I won the long drive contest with it during a local scramble and all my buddies wanted to try it out after that. That says something because I am 5-10 and weigh a 160 lbs.

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