Review of Cleveland TA5 Irons Steel Shaft (Irons)


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Sean O.
TA5 Irons Steel Shaft

The quality of these clubs are top notch. I bought them barely used and played them frequently this summer. They are top of the line irons.


I was especially attracted to the gunmetal finish. The contrast when placed against a white ball really helps me focus on the address. Secondly, I like the smaller, thinner profile as compared to some of the oversized heads. I tried various sets out (Callaway X-14, Titleist) and these were approximately $100 cheaper when purchased new and did not appear to sacrifice any quality. The salesperson said that most of the $100 more for Titleist, Calaway and the other big name brands comes from higher marketing costs. Marketing has nothing to do with how well I will hit a club.


I am switching to cavity backed irons from forged tour blades. They are obviously more forgiving but sometimes feel somewhat mushy when compared to a crisp, well hit forged iron. I'm not sure if this is unique to the Cleveland TA5 but it is certainly a difference. Still when the TA5 are hit well they still feel great.


I recommend these clubs highly. They look great at address, are forgiving, and will generate a great middle of the road ball flight when hit well. All for about $100 cheaper than the other big brands. (Titleist, Callaway, Taylor Made, Ping)

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